Sultan Al Ambar green tea 200g
Sultan Al Ambar green tea 200gr
Sultan Al Ambar green tea 200g grains

Sultan Al Ambar green tea 200g

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Sultan Al Ambar green tea, since 1936. Package of 200gr.

The most recommended green tea to drink Moorish green tea at home, is a recipe for authentic green tea in grains, from Morocco, which has been transferred from father to son since 1936. Widely consumed in the Arab world both in Asia and in Africa , especially in Morocco.

Sultan Al Ambar tea has an amber color and a smooth, sweet flavor. Tasty and intense but not too strong, it is the perfect balance to create a traditional Moroccan mint or spearmint tea.

The perfect choice for creating traditional Moroccan mint tea, Sultan Tea's Ambar is 100% green tea leaves rolled into their classic grain shape. Prepare the tea following the traditional ritual, enjoying this sweet green tea of ​​light intensity, packed with antioxidants and relaxing qualities, well known in natural green tea.

Created as the perfect companion for traditional Moroccan mint tea, Sultan Al Ambar loose tea leaves create a warm amber tea with a mild flavor, perfect to combine with mint, lemon or honey for a more robust flavor than suits your taste.

Enjoy at any time of the day, combining with or without food, a moment connected with Morocco, wherever you are!

Contents: 200gr

Variety: Green tea beans