bulk hibiscus red tea
bulk hibiscus red tea

Bulk Hibiscus Red Tea - From 100gr

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Hibiscus red tea, in bulk.

You can select from 100g to 1kg, in bulk.

* Red tea is one of the most consumed teas in the world by admirers of tea. Clearly, its distinctive flavor and recognized health benefits are the main reasons.

* The flavor of red tea is very peculiar and exclusive to this variety, it is not easily found in other teas.

* It is one of the most diuretic teas and that help us maintain the line.

Origin: Red tea comes from a region of China. Although it is made from the fermentation of green tea leaves in barrels for more than 2 years, some varieties reaching 60 years in bamboo barrels!

It is the tea of ​​the emperors, used in the East as part of ancient rituals.

Widely used by traditional Chinese medicine.

Properties: slimming, diuretic, digestive, beneficial for our cholesterol ... The list is very long! 

 AVAILABLE FORMATS: 100gr / 250gr / 500gr / 1000gr