Premium black tea with natural cinnamon 250g

Premium black tea with natural cinnamon

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We have the distinguished pleasure of bringing authentic Iranian black tea to your table.

Premium black tea with natural aroma and cinnamon flavor, presented in a 250g bottle.

If you have ever walked through the streets of an Arab country, such as Iran, Turkey or Morocco, you have surely smelled the smell of tea in the morning, teas and oriental infusions entering and leaving each building, each commercial or tourist area, practically in any place. This habit represents a part of the Arab culture, it is not possible for you to go through the day without drinking 2 or 3 cups of tea!

The renowned Iranian brand Lahijan Tea Company brings to your table a selection of the best variety of black teas with cinnamon, so you can recover those unforgettable moments, from the comfort of your home.

Content: 250g jar

Recommendations for preparing black tea with cinnamon: the samovar water must be completely clean and boiling. Do not wash the tea dry. Wash the kettle with boiling water before use. For every cup of tea, you need a tablespoon of dry tea. Pour it into the kettle, then add the boiling water and wait 8-10 minutes for it to steep. Refah black tea with cinnamon, due to the natural properties of cinnamon, is the right drink for moments of relaxation and rest.

About Tayman Company Teas (Lahijan Welfare Tea)

In 1279 BC, the first Iranian tea gardens were built in the city of Lahijan by the efforts of Kashif al Saltanah, and a few years later, the building license for the first Iranian tea factory was approved. In 2002, a century after the construction of the first tea factory in Iran, Timan Company (Lahijan Welfare Tea Company) established its factory in a green area of ​​Lahijan and in the beautiful village of Bijarbaneh on a land with an area of ​​10,000 square meters and 8,000 square meters of infrastructure. This factory, which was built with the aim of processing original and quality Iranian tea for supply in domestic and foreign markets, has the capacity to produce and pack 20 tons of dry tea per day.

Timan Company, with its modern and mechanized packaging equipment, has started to produce natural, fruit and herbal teas to improve the quality of tea and satisfy different tastes. The company also in 2008 (the year of innovation and prosperity), for the first time in Iran, managed to produce green tea, which was previously 100% imported. In 2010, with the double effort of Timan Company, oolong tea (symbol of oriental beauty) was produced for the first time in Iran.

Tayman Company is proud to produce all kinds of cakes and cookies containing green tea for the first time in Iran, in the project called "National Production, Support for Iranian Labor and Capital". Also white tea, green tea and black tea in containers, various weights and flavors (spring orange, cardamom, mint, cinnamon, jasmine, apple and peach) and sugar flavored with natural flavors (cinnamon, cocoa, acid and lemon). Rice is also one of the new Timan Company products, which are marketed with the best quality and under the Refah, Soghand and Fátima brands.