Ahmad Tea aromatic earl gray black tea 500g

Black tea Ahmad Tea Aromatic Earl Gray 500g

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Ahmad Tea brand black tea is one of the UK's most prestigious tea brands. The Aromatic Earl Gray variety is an original English drink, perfect for those looking for a sophisticated and high quality tea. Stimulating but calming, it is one of the varieties of black tea most highlighted by our customers.

Content: 500g

To create this flavored black tea modality, tea masters balance Indian and African teas. Ahmad Tea uses a high proportion of quality Kenyan leaves to give the tea infusion a lively and energetic flavor. It is completed with a hint of exotic citrus bergamot. The larger leaves of Earl Gray give a more exquisite flavor, ideal for the most demanding of tea.

Ahmad tea is presented in a foil wrapper to keep the tea fresh, to guarantee 100% freshness. You can enjoy this tea with a little milk or by adding a lemon wedge.

As a curiosity, Ahmad Aromatic Earl Gray tea was named after the XNUMXth century British Prime Minister, Charles Gray. Gray received a gift of teas from China flavored with bergamot oil, and he liked it so much that he asked British merchants to recreate that blend, and since then Ahmad Tea pays tribute to it and has become one of the brightest blends in tea. black.