Moroccan hexagonal metal candle holder model jasmin

Moroccan hexagonal candle holder - Jasmin model

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Small Moorish candle holder shaped like a hexagon and colored crystals.

Ideal to set any corner or table, Moroccan lighting provides warm decorative environments full of fantasy, preserving modernity and current designs.

Arabic lighting is an intrinsic part of the Al-Andalus romance. The mosaics of light and shadow that the openwork of Moroccan candle holders offer us can transform any room, no matter how simple it may be, into a pleasant and comfortable place. The Moorish lanterns combine with any style! 

Some characteristics of the Moroccan candle holder Jasmin model:

- Hexagonal design created in bronzed and openwork metal.

- For table and includes a handle to hang it too.

- Crystals of various colors.

- Round support to place the candle inside.

Size: 13cm high, 6cm diameter. 

                        Including the handle: 15cm height