Himalayan salt sphere candle holder

Himalayan Salt Sphere candle holder

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Himalayan salt candle holder, sphere shape.

An object of great beauty for your home. Feng Shui specialists recommend this type of lamp to harmonize the environment. They are made using natural salt crystal rocks formed over millions of years.

For this reason each lamp is a unique specimen that varies slightly from the others in its hue and shape. When heated by the effect of the bulb installed inside, it emits negative ions that are beneficial to humans.

Ideal for rooms with children, sick people, asthmatics and allergies. Recommended by chromotherapy specialists for its emission of orange light, beneficial for relaxing tensions and helping to create a relaxed and pleasant environment.

Salt lamps are natural ionizers that fill the home, office or business with a very comfortable and pleasant warmth. Our physical and mental health is influenced among other things by the correct ionization of our environment. Salt lamps are natural ionizers that bring warmth and clarity to spaces.

The salt with which these lamps are made contains almost all the trace elements (in particular, its high iodine content stands out) on which the proper functioning of the body depends. Iodine enriches the environment with negative ions, thus balancing excess positive ions that are harmful to health. Salt lamps are natural ionizers that absorb excess electromagnetic waves emitted by radios, TVs, computers ...

* Being a natural and handmade product, dimensions and weights are approximate.

* Designed with a sphere shape.

* 100% handmade.

* Made in Pakistan.

Size: 9cm x 9cm x 9cm