Grenadine inlaid hexagonal compact
Granada inlaid hexagonal compact 6x6

Grenadine Inlay Hexagonal Compact 6x6cm

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Grenadine inlay hexagonal compact.

Made of wood covered with hand-painted and engraved inlaid sheets.

Inside, upholstered in elegant soft red velvet.

Great for gift giving, even presenting a wedding band ring.

100% original product from Granada.

Made in Granada, Spain.

Size: 6x6cm


La Taracea is the quintessential Granada handicraft, heritage of the Arab presence in Al-Andalus and continuously improved over the centuries and by the artisans who work with care and elegance.

It is believed that this art dates from the fourteenth century, influenced by the ornamental works that were made in the embossed and polychrome leathers of Cordoba in the twelfth century.

Translated the technique, and the designs to the Muslim Granada, we proceed to an enrichment of the wood inlay, for, already in the Christian era, and always inspired by the ornamentation of the Alhambra, to achieve the splendor of this traditional trade, whose learning has been transmitted from parents to children.

The craftsman of the Taracea works with very different materials, such as bone, mother of pearl, selected wood veneers, among which are, walnut, mahogany, cedar, moral, socomoro, ... Cutting and pulling strips, creating stars and frets of different shapes and colors, which once assembled and cut, glue on the surface of the wood, to cover it completely as if it were a mosaic, forming the most elaborate designs and complex shapes.

Once the piece is lined, it is polished and varnished.

Alcazaba decoration brings you 100% certified and guaranteed original Granada grenade first hand.