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Arab Musk Musk Perfume on Stone - Al Medina - 280 Gr

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Arabic stone musk perfume, from the Al Medina brand.

It is ideal to keep the clothes we have in the closet well scented and not to accumulate odors. We can also wear it by perfuming our clothes, dresses and suits, putting a little musk in our pockets, bags, etc.

The package has several pieces that can be placed in various corners of the closet so that the good smell can be generated and maintained. The stone musk or musk has a fairly high durability.

What makes musk valuable is its ability to add warmth and sensuality to any other perfume. It is very good as a fixative, to maintain the fragrance of perfumes.

It is also attributed aphrodisiac abilities, the smell of musk is said to resemble that of testosterone, which acts as a pheromone in humans.

Try our musks or musk on stone and experience its smell!

Made in the United Arab Emirates.

Content: 280 gr.