hand of Fatima Turkish eye protection
hand of Fatima lucky turkish eye

Hand of Fatima with Turkish eye protecting the home

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The Hand of Fatima or '' Hamsa '', is a great magical amulet, very present both in Arab and North African cultures, in the regions of Morocco and especially the Berber world.

Used roughly since the XNUMXst century AD, the Hand of Fatima has symbolized power, strength, and blessing in its uses when the hand faces upward.

When we hang our hand looking down, it represents, through the Turkish eye, protection against darkness and bad energies, from the evil eye, etc. It is also a magical amulet used to attract love and luck.

It is ideal to place it on the doors of the bedrooms or any room in the home or business. We can also place it on a wall. We can even take it in the car!

Product of Turkey.

DIMENSIONS - Complete: 23cm high x 9cm wide | Hand: 13cm high x 9cm wide.