Moroccan ceramic washbasin from Fez
Moroccan ceramic washbasin from Fez painted
Moroccan ceramic basin from Fez crafts
Fez Hand Painted Ceramic Moroccan Sink
Moroccan Blue Fez Ceramic Sink

Moroccan ceramic washbasin from Fez

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Moroccan ceramic washbasin from Fez, hand painted.

Unique pieces made with meticulousness and colorful details. Completely transform the image of your bathroom with the most colorful Moroccan ceramics in Fez.

The ceramics of Fez are world-renowned, cobalt blue represents the pottery of this beautiful city.

Moroccan washbasin available in various sizes. 

* Each sink is different and unique, you can choose the size you need, but the drawings are different for each piece. Write us a WhatsApp and we will send you photos of the designs in stock and choose the one you want on the fly, or if you prefer, we will send it to you at our choice!

Made in Morocco.


30cm diameter x 15cm height approx.

35cm diameter x 16cm height approx.

40cm diameter x 17cm high