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Moroccan Leather Lamp - Flor del Asfur

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Moroccan flower-shaped lamp.

Made of forging and covered in goatskin, painted and drawn by hand with henna.

Ideal to create a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, we can place it in a corner of the house, on a table or any surface.

The lamp is ready to integrate an electrical installation.

The lamp does not include the electrical installation.

Available in various colors: red, purple, pink.

Size: 65cm high, 25cm wide approx.


The "marroquín" is a goat or lamb skin prepared with sumac or galls. It is used to make decorative objects, clothes or books because it is very resistant and pleasant to the touch. Leather is a specialty of Moroccan crafts.

This tradition has its roots in the culture of big cities like Marrakech, Rabat Fez and Meknes. Today, entire cities are dedicated to working with leather and Moroccan artisans offer the most beautiful works of art in the purest Moroccan tradition.

When the subtlety of tanning craftsmen joins the artistic touch of painters, unusual works of art are born that will beautify your home with an original and 100% handmade touch.