Moroccan octagonal crystal chandelier
Moroccan lamp arches and bars

Moroccan Octagonal Andalusian Crystal Lamp

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Moroccan octagonal glass chandelier with classic Andalusian arches. It combines colored glazed crystals and transparent crystals, which allow a pleasant and harmonious passage of light and its effects.

Made of openwork wrought iron, designed to create spectacular plays of light and shadow around the surface on which this Moroccan lantern projects light.

* Created with 40 crystals of varied colors, multicolor.

* The color of the multicolored crystals may vary, both the order and the colors, depending on production.

* Made of forging pierced by the ends and multicolored glass.

* 100% artisan, handmade.

* Arab forging arches decorating each side.

* It has a hook at the top to hang it from the ceiling.

* Made in Morocco.

Size: Length: 55 | Width: 25 cm

* The lamp does not include electrical installation.