golden arabian aladdin lamp
red gold arabic aladdin lamp
green gold arabic aladdin lamp
blue gold arabic aladdin lamp
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orange gold arabic aladdin lamp
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Colorful golden arabic aladdin lamp

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Make a wish strongly and rub the lamp, the genie can come out and grant you what you wish! Of course, you have a maximum of 3 wishes.

It is the authentic lamp of the genie of Aladdin, guarded for millennia on the banks of the Jordan River in the Middle East.

We have searched among all the bazaars of the East, the arid and hot deserts and even the bottom of the seas, and we have found it.

The first thing we did was to intelligently ask for the first wish which was: '' Genie of the lamp, give us many lamps so that we can deliver them to everyone. '' The genie looked at us with great suspicion but in the end granted our wish. 

Be careful what you wish for, because it can come true.

Ideal lamp for a gift or to decorate.

Made of gilt bronze, various sizes and colors to choose from.

Product of Ágraba.



Size 2: 8cm long, 5cm high.

Size 4: 13cm long, 8,50cm high.

Size 5: 16cm long, 10cm high, 6cm wide.

Size 6: 20cm long, 12cm high, 8cm wide.