padmini perfumed incense dhoop sticks

Padmini Perfumed Dhoop Incense Sticks India

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Padmini brand incense, sticks.

Traditionally created based on 100% natural components, resins, oil and flowers with fine essences. This combination is very relaxing, great to purify the environment, use it in sessions of meditation, prayer, yoga, massages, etc. 

Clears the mind and thought.

100% Responsible with the environment.

Incense highly recommended, Best Seller product.

Padmini means in Indian, the one who sits on the lotus and refers to the goddess Lakshmi. She is always flying over the Garuda eagle or alone sitting on a lotus flower, she has four arms blessing the devotees and dropping gold coins from one of her hands.

Always walk with two elephants that are a symbol of fortune. Known for her sensuality, she was born as Venus from the foam of the sea and is an ancient symbol of femininity.

Discover all the magic of the Orient by letting yourself be carried away by the perfume of Lakshmi. Try this soft, high-quality incense.

Made in India

Content: 120 incense sticks, presented in 12 packets with rod support.