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Ceramic Moroccan Censer with smooth lid - moon and stars

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Moroccan censer made of ceramic and engraved by hand with designs of stars and moons.

Available in various colors: green, yellow, red and white.

Ideal for burning our natural incense in grain and incense in cones.

Made in Morocco

The use of incense in its diverse cultures and countries is known for the tradition of the East. Incense is also used in Moroccan and Arab culture in general, and the containers and censers used for it are very original. There are censers in ceramics, wood ...

The energetic cleaning of homes is fundamental in all religions and spiritual practices, since the incense cleans and renews the energies, and they open doors to the luminous beings so that they can enter and refresh the home or our workplace, where we take out our life and daily tasks.

Size: 12cm diameter, 6cm high.