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Great Arab Gate Al Andalus Alhambra

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Great gate Al Andalus, made in red wood and manufactured by the best craftsmen of Marrakech, hand carved with thoroughness and with the characteristic luxury of Andalusian art.

The high quality banner is reflected in the majestic robust and elegant arches that characterize this gate, unique in the world.

The gate is made up of 2 leaves, 1,50m wide each, and 5m high; The bronze arches, accessories, knockers, handles, and bolts have solid 1st quality finishes. 

1st finishes. Unique and exclusive piece. 

Made in Marrakech, Morocco.

* In the images we have a sample example of the gate already installed in a restaurant. 

Size: 5 meters height, 3 meters total width.

                        Width of each sheet 1,50m.

State: News.

* Immediate delivery, product available in stock.