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Universal Permanent Filter - Cups & Mugs & Teapots

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Due to the delicate filter material this product can be used to infuse tea and coffee. The combination of high quality plastic with stainless steel allows the consumer to enjoy a pleasant aromatic experience while the lid of the same allows to keep the tea hot for longer.

This elegant Universal Filter is ideal for all types of cups, mugs and teapots. The fine filter mesh is made of stainless steel (18/10) attached to a heat-resistant plastic frame. Ideal to enjoy all the aroma of tea at home and in the office. The hat is not just a beautiful decorative element. It helps keep the tea warm and after the infusion is over and the permanent filter removed, it can be used as a tray to contain the drip.

For the preparation with tea bags, the hat is also very useful. The cord of the tea bag can be attached to the slot in the hat. After the infusion is over, the hat can be turned and used as a tray to deposit the used tea bag.