oil or paraffin lamp

Moroccan Forge and Glass Lantern - Oil Lamp

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Let yourself be carried away by the magical world of Moroccan art enjoying the splendid geometric motifs generated by this paraffin and oil lamp. Perforated with small and elegant motifs, it will give an incredible oriental atmosphere while maintaining a pleasant and calm atmosphere.

It works by filling it with kerosene, oil or paraffin. The base can be disassembled to fill it, it has a cotton wick inside.

The base is filled until the wick is wet with the flammable substance to be able to ignite it.

Moroccan crafts date back to the Neolithic era. Throughout this period, people from the North and East took root in the area and planted the foundations of authentic Moroccan art. This art has its roots in the diversity and creativity of the different cultures that live in the region.

Size: 30cm high, 11cm wide, 11cm deep.