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Moroccan mirror bow bone colors
Moroccan mirror bone arch

Moroccan mirror arch shape of Arabic bone 26cm

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Moroccan mirror in gold nickel silver and manual bone inlays, in different shades, orange or white.

Available in two colors to choose from: white and orange.

100% artisan product, handmade by the artisans of Marrakech.

Made in Morocco

All Moroccan crafts in your trusted Arab store, Alcazaba Decoration.

Moroccan mirrors represent the exclusivity of its 100% handmade products, made by the best artisans in southern Morocco. Arab mirrors are a representative product of the geometry that characterizes Moorish and Eastern decoration.

The classic colors predominate in Moroccan decoration, which makes their products fit in practically any type of environment.

Size: 26cm x 14cm x 2cm (height, width, thickness).

Colors: white, orange.