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Blackcoco's Coals 1kg - 20kg

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For many consumers of this brand, Blackcoco's is a carbon that combines excellent flavor properties with excellent quality and pronounced sustainability. These coals are largely smoke free, odorless and tasteless. It generates few sparks and is extremely clean with a maximum of 2.5% ash. Even the small residue of ash is ideal as a high-quality vegetable fertilizer for indoor or balcony plants. This closes the circle of sustainability, in which no more raw materials are wasted.

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1) In 1kg packages

2) In a 20kg master box


All the raw materials used come from Indonesia, where natural carbon blackcoco is also produced under strictly controlled conditions. As a result, we offer you a unique product that does no harm to people and the environment and that you can use with a clear conscience. By the way, carbonization with values ​​of almost 100% is an extremely energy efficient process, compared to other production processes.

Excellent properties and versatile uses.

For both incense burners and barbecue fans alike, they appreciate low smoke development, discreet odor and neutral taste. Our natural charcoal is even suitable for extensive barbecue sessions on the balcony, as the neighbors do not bother.

Natural coconut charcoal has a total burning time of up to 100 minutes. Our 1 kilo packages with 64 natural carbon cubes are not only extremely decorative, but also save space during transport and storage. Our product is completely free of chemical additives, has been optimized for a tidy taste experience, offers outstanding properties when burned, and makes an active contribution to a healthy environment and sustainable business.

Enjoy the extremely low smoke development and be inspired by the neutral taste of natural charcoal.