Moroccan Andalusi ceramic sugar bowl

Moroccan Andalusian ceramic Moroccan sugar bowl

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Classic Moroccan ceramic sugar bowl, hand painted and 100% handcrafted. In Morocco, drinking tea is a ritual, and having accessories such as sugar bowls, tea trays or traditional glasses on hand is a must. 

Both functional and decorative element, for your kitchen or your tea corner. You can combine it with a teapot, a tray and some glasses, to complete your ideal tea set!

Moroccan pottery represents the exclusivity of its 100% handmade products, made by the best artisans in southern Morocco. The Arab sugar bowl is a representative product of the geometry that characterizes the Moorish and Eastern Arab decoration. Classic colors predominate in Moroccan decoration, which makes their products fit in virtually any type of environment.

Size: 13cm diameter, 9cm height.