Piradel 180g crystallized sugar
crystallized sugar rock candy Piradel 180g

Rock candy Piradel crystallized sugar 180g

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Crystallized sugar, known as sugar candy, candy rock or rock candy in Iran, is a type of sugar crystals with a touch of saffron, which gives the nabat a special and very particular aroma, tremendously sweet and tasty! 

They are used to dissolve them in teas and infusions, and it is part of the culture of eastern countries, not just Iran. We could say that it is a substitute complement for simple sugar in teas, coffees or infusions. Without a doubt, with this delicious sugary stick you can surprise your guests.

This crystallized sugar has multiple benefits on our body, especially for coughs and stomach problems. 

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Made in Iran.

Content: 180g (12 nabat of candy rock in the case).