Iranian saffron in threads 0.50g

Iranian saffron strands 0,50g

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Authentic Iranian saffron, in threads. 
Produced in Iran and packed in Spain.

Composition: Saffron thread, 100% pure, Extra Category I according to ISO 3632 standard. 
Quantity: 0,50 gr.
* Optimal color, aroma and flavor for all your dishes and preparations.
* Saffron tested in independent laboratories.
* High levels of active ingredients:
- Crocina responsible for color: +220
- Picocrocina: +80 (Flavor)
- Safranal: +30 (Aroma)
- Low humidity levels: -7
Visual aspect: red saffron thread with some yellow parts corresponding to the roots of the stigma. May contain some floral residue.

Recommendations for employment: It can be lightly toasted to enhance its properties and facilitate grinding. For stews or rice dishes, it is recommended to crush the threads in a mortar or similar and let it infuse in the broth for about 20 minutes before adding to the stew or rice.