Moroccan hand of fatima yellow applique
Moroccan applique hand of fatima pink
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Moroccan applique hand of natural fatima
Moroccan applique hand of fatima red
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Moroccan leather and forge wall light - Mano de Fátima

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Apply Moroccan leather and hand forge of Fatima Hamsa. Arabic design. This wall light is created with the intention of causing a warm and pleasant lighting, to give harmony to our spaces, corridors, gardens or terraces. The wall lamp is made of a wrought iron structure, covered in leather 100% hand painted by the artisans of Marrakech.

The Hand of Fatima or Hamsa, has always symbolized protection against the evil eye, and since ancient times this ritual element has been adopted to protect houses and businesses, and practically any room. Today, it is a symbol that is current and we can find it in any corner.

As a curiosity, we can comment that for centuries, Andalusian architecture has been built with the basic idea of ​​relaxing people in palaces or houses. For them the most important thing was aesthetics and they did everything so that the eye of the beholder is not disturbed. Light is very important in the Arab world. They try to make nice lamps that illuminate well but don't make too aggressive light either.

Available in various colors: Pink, red, yellow, purple, brown, white, orange, green.

Applique dimensions: 40cm high, 33cm total width.