Moroccan torch wall light taule design
apply Moroccan torch lit
Moroccan torch of frontal forging
Moroccan wall lamp on

Apply Moroccan torch - Design Taule

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Openwork Moroccan sconces cast mosaics of magic and warm light and shadow through their designs and cuts. This type of wall light is ideal for outdoors, gardens or home corridors. Set your home with an Arabic touch. 

The wall light is made manually in openwork forging, 100% handmade.

For centuries, Andalusian architecture has been built to relax people in palaces or houses. For them the most important thing was aesthetics and they did everything so that the eye of the beholder is not disturbed. Light is very important in the Arab world. They try to make nice lamps that illuminate well but don't make too aggressive light either. 

Size: 54cm length, 16cm maximum thickness at the top.