antique brown black and orange turkish rug
Turkish kilim rug black brown and orange
turkish kilim rug orange brown antique
Turkish kilim rug black brown and orange rolled up
Turkish Carpet Folded Kilim Brown Black Orange

Turkish kilim rug brown, black and orange antique

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Turkish kilim of brown, black and orange colors as predominant, although there are also more varied colors, with geometric patterns.

Antique design.

DIMENSIONS (in centimeters)

60x90 80x250

80x125 120x180

80x150 160x250



Decorative applications

The explosion of colors produced by the kilims makes it a sometimes groundbreaking and versatile element in all kinds of decorative spaces. In ancient times, kilims were very functional, they were used in the Middle East and especially Asia, they were prayed on, they were easily rolled and transported since they are very light.

In western decoration, its uses are more varied:

- Decoration in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

- Ideal for hallways or long corridors.

- Hanging on the wall, as a tapestry.

- As bedroom headboards, feeling of warmth and vivid color.

- They dress the floors of businesses or shops, provide warmth and tranquility.


About the kilims

The kilim is a flat fur textile, very characteristic of both Turkey and other eastern countries. The term kilim literally means '' does not mix colors ''. It is said to be the oldest carpet in the world. A kilim differs from a carpet in the sewing technique, since the kilim, due to the methodology of its creation, is made by the craftsman weaving the wool fibers, creating mosaics or geometric patterns so characteristic of this style. 

The finishes of the kilims are very uniform due to the woolen fabrics. The patterns that are formed in this type of rugs are generally geometric, since they facilitate the manual work of the craftsman with the slit weaving technique, which is the one used in kilims and makes them so unique.

Durable and resistant, they are designed to be stepped on and walked frequently.

Made in Turkey.

Washing and maintenance

It is advisable to clean it with cold water and natural soap if necessary. Although it can be tumble dried at a low temperature, it is better to dry in the shade, outdoors, since direct sun can alter the color of the carpet. 

If you have dirt, remains of solid products on the kilim, you can brush both sides of the carpet with a soft brush, rinsing later with cold water.