Arabic rose water 250ml

Arab Rose Essence Water - 250 ml

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This Scented Rose Water is specially created for cleaning the face. 250ml format

Rose water is ideal to prevent dry skin, signs of aging and especially to have a perfect complexion! We will tell you some of its tremendous properties:


a) Moisturizing: Rose water has vitamins B and E, so it tones and will leave you very soft skin. Try to apply it in the morning and before bed and you will feel a new shine on your face.

b) Fix the makeup: Apply it with an atomizer and you will see how the signs of tiredness disappear from your face.

c) Goodbye to fat and inflammation: Apply this rose water on the inflamed areas and ... matter settled! Roses reduce stomach swelling and purify the body because of its pectin content.

d) Prevent wrinkles: Rose water is rich in Vitamin C and Tannins, which prevents the signs of aging. Apply it during the night and day and you will see very positive changes in your skin. 

e) Scars and acne: This water Removes pores, oils, impurities and skin irritations. 

f) Ideal for your hair: Rinse your hair two or three times a week, previously pour a little into your conditioner and mix it for about fifteen minutes ... and tachán, perfect hair!