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Welcome to our portal for professionals, exclusively oriented towards professionals in the sector: artisans, decorators, interior designers, architects, surveyors, etc. 

We want to inform you that our company is totally open to you, and we offer a very personalized attention to listen to you and value your collaboration proposals, products, events, etc. 

We make collaborations of various kinds, such as the rental of Arabic furniture and decoration for events, rental of props for films and cinematographic productions, etc. In addition to the artisan creations of the East, we like to share with the world our passion for the Arab world, Moroccan crafts and its curiosities, so we enthusiastically listen to your ideas and requests.

You can also find out directly about the great discounts for professionalswhich will also give you certain privileges in article reservations, payment methods and others.

We serve orders for decorators who need a wide variety of products for their clients, we share products with artisans for their improvement and restoration, we manufacture custom-made artisan doors for large projects, hotels, homes, shops and restaurants, etc ... 

We are also manufacturers of Arabic wooden lattices, a job based on laser cutting technology, in which we are specialists. 

We celebrate 31 years collaborating with you, we want to thank you!


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Email: info@decorationalcazaba.com

Tel: +34 697 43 11 00