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arabic engraved alpaca moroccan teapot
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Alpaca Arabic Teapot Engraved Arabic Design - 4 Sizes

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Moroccan engraved alpaca teapot. The Moorish teapot par excellence, the classic one, to drink tea and your favorite infusions. A Moroccan tea with mint? It never goes out of style. In addition to being a teapot for use, it is also great decorating any corner of our dining room or kitchen, or even in our living room, on a tea table or your favorite corner. It is also very attractive on a shelf in our living room or bedroom.

The engravings are typical Arabic, decorating the sides of the teapot. Made 100% by hand, in nickel silver, silver. Some models have legs and others do not. This model is ideal for preparing your tea directly on the fire, on the burner.

You can complete your favorite Moorish tea set by adding to your order a matching alpaca tray, and a set of colored glasses, a sugar bowl and spoons. All ready for tea time!

Made in Morocco.

Available in 4 sizes to choose from.



Mini - 250ml | Dimensions: 14x15cm

Small - 300ml | Dimensions: 17x17cm

Medium - 750ml | Dimensions: 22x20cm

Large - 1000ml | Dimensions: 24x20cm


Most people think that the tea tradition in Morocco has always existed. In fact, tea is a popular drink and is drunk several times a day.

However, history tells us otherwise with respect to its origin.

Tea appeared in China 5.000 years ago. Then it was a drink reserved for the king and his court. Several centuries later, an Arab trader talks about tea for the first time and described it as "an herb that has more leaves than clover and more flavor"

Then, during the reign of Sultan Mulay Ismail, tea enters Morocco, but it is still a drink reserved for the court.

It will take a few years for it to become a popular drink and an essential element in the Maghreb culture.

Morocco has always produced one of the best artisan teapots in the world. And since all these years, its artisans have worked silver, gold, nickel silver, wood and others ... Developing increasingly original sculptures and drawings.

This carved alpaca Moroccan teapot will be the centerpiece of your Arabic tea set. Pretty and original, it leaves the tea hot and tasty.