Japanese green cast iron teapot

Japanese Cast Iron Kettle 0,8L - Green

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Japanese cast iron teapot.

Made of high-density cast iron.

Green color.

Enameled inside, great hardness and resistance.

Ideal for infusing teas, infusions and much more.

Very modern and striking aesthetic.

Includes metal strainer. 

Capacity: 0,80L


Oriental teapot inspired by ancient Japan, although it has origins from China. It has more than five centuries of history, formerly it was used as a decorative element that inspires strength and robustness, although its functionality and use is not more than one hundred years old.

It has a great capacity to conserve heat inside the teapot, more than traditional teapots. It is enameled inside to allow the circulation of iron ions and prevent oxidation.

Attention: Do not put the kettle directly on the fire! To prepare the tea, place the leaves on the filter included in the teapot and pour the boiled water over them. The direct application of heat to the kettle can be detrimental to the preparation of tea and may deteriorate the paint of the Japanese kettle. The Japanese cast iron kettle is washed by rinsing it with water, it is not good to wash it with soap and sponges / rags.

Enjoy the taste of the Far East ...