Moroccan glass triangle wall light
Moroccan wall light triangle of colored glass
Moroccan wall light triangle glass detail
Moroccan colored glass wall light
Moroccan multicolor wall sconce
Moroccan wall light made of glass and colored wrought iron

Moroccan Crystal Triangle Wall Lamp - Multicolor

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Rustic openwork triangular Moroccan wall light with multi-colored glazed crystals. Arabic triangular design. The drafts of the forge reflect spectacular mosaics of lights and shadows if the power of the lighting is correct. The geometric style is in accordance with Moorish architecture, this wall lamp is created with the intention of causing a warm and soft lighting, to provide harmony to our spaces, corridors, gardens or terraces. 

As a curiosity, we can comment that for centuries, Andalusian architecture has been built with the basic idea of ​​relaxing people in palaces or houses. For them the most important thing was aesthetics and they did everything so that the eye of the beholder is not disturbed.

Light is very important in the Arab world. They try to make nice lamps that illuminate well but don't make too aggressive light either. This Moroccan wrought iron and glass wall light is in a typical Andalusian style.

* The Moroccan wall lamp does NOT include the electrical installation.

Made in Morocco


Applique dimensions: 26cm high, 23cm wide, 12cm deep.

Weight: 330g