A visit to the Moroccan souk without leaving home

As you may have noticed, at Alcazaba Decoration we have given new impetus to our social networks. We want to be closer and closer to you and for this reason we also start with our blog in which we will share curiosities, news, stories, decorating tips ... All related to something we are passionate about, crafts, history and Arab culture.

Today we are going to take the license to talk about us in this “inaugural post” although we anticipate that it will not be the dominant tonic since here the protagonists are you.

Moroccan decoration

What is Alcazaba Decoration?

Artesanía y Decoración Alcazaba is a company founded in 1989. With almost 30 years of history, Alcazaba Decoration has become a benchmark in the field of Arab crafts and today can boast a leading role in its sector . A position we have achieved thanks to a firm commitment to quality, originality and closeness to our customers.

Thanks to our extensive experience we can boast of knowing our sector perfectly, which allows us to have the best artisans in each of the fields. Only then can we offer unique pieces full of flavor and authenticity, two aspects that we believe are very important when talking about crafts.

Alcazaba Decoration: Quantity, quality and efficiency at the service of our customers

In Alcazaba Decoration we are aware that we are the last link in a long chain that connects each client with the essence of the East personified in each of our artisans. For this reason we strive decisively to offer careful customer service. Only in this way can we live up to that broad cultural legacy of which, somehow we are the last depositaries.  And within the customer service one of the pillars is logistics, section in which we like to highlight our warehouse of more than 700 square meters from which we ship worldwide, both to individuals and companies that want to market our products.

Our website, a visit to the souk without leaving home

For some years now it is also possible to buy our products through the web and receive them comfortably at home. Through it we propose a view of a traditional souk where you will find everything you can imagine in oriental decoration. In our section of lamps and lighting you can discover from glass lamps following the ancient technique of mosaic to lanterns of iron and brass.

Tea lovers can unleash their passion for this drink thanks to our tea sets, teapots, trays and of course, the best infusions. And without leaving the kitchen we can not forget our bowls, soperas and tajines, handmade by the best artisans.

Another of the highlights of our "virtual souk" is the one related to leather, so traditional in the Arab world. Backpacks, purse, footwear, purses, belts. Elements that perfectly complement our perfume and hygiene products of oriental origin.

And every souk worth its salt would not be complete without home decoration pieces; carpets, mirrors, tables, jewelers, trunks ...

What are you waiting for for a spin?


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