Tips to decorate your home in arabesque style

Would you like it Decorate your home or garden in a different way? One of the ways you can do it is by taking the characteristics of the Arabic decoration that bring you closer to nature and, at the same time, allow you to perfectly combine natural elements with more modern ones. We present some tips to decorate your home.

 Moroccan decoration

Tips to decorate your home

When decorating following the Arabic style, you will have to take into account the following:

  • Vivid and vibrant colors are sought. The dull ones are left aside but bet on reds, oranges, greens and blues, combined or in simple colors. With or without prints (in fact, it is normal to mix patterned elements with others that are plain).

  • Hoop-shaped elements. You can think of horseshoes, bows for plants, etc. In fact, many arcades are seen in the Arab decoration (you have examples in many of its monuments).

  • Sofas and chairs without arms. In fact, Western styles and what you usually know as a sofa or chair are not worn. For them they are modular seats that do not have arms and use cushions as a fanny pack (in fact, I don't know if you will know but what is the bed itself was born from the Arab idea of ​​sleeping on cushions).

  • Typical arabic furniture. By this we mean Moroccan poufs, also called Ottomans; tables and trays of silver that is carved, ethnic textiles, blankets, wrought iron lanterns, and other elements that have an oriental and magical air when used to decorate in an environment.

How to decorate with Arabic elements?

The Arabic decoration combined with the tendency to minimalism that exists today is not something that clashes but on the contrary, it can perfectly be used. The thing to keep in mind is that the place to be decorated should not be overloaded and, at the same time, use furniture that is Arabic-style to do so, for example with a sofa and a hexagonal table for the living room and shelves with the occasional arch element (or the design of the shelves) and one or Two representative figures.


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