How many types of leather can we find on the market?

skin and leather is synonymous with quality for a product, but not all types of leather They adapt equally when making different products, since their characteristics and qualities must be taken into account.

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Types of leather that exist

All types of leather Varian according to the origin of the animal and also how that skin has been handled, as we already know the leather goods It is an ancient profession and one that needs to be known in order to create leather products. There are factors that affect the skins, these are:

  • The type of hair the animal has.
  • The food from which it is fed and the type of breeding.
  • Age of the animal, to have a thinner skin.
a table with different types of leather


La cow skin is most common skin type, since it has a great quality and is very versatile to apply it in different leather products. It has a compact structure and a very soft touch although it has some rigidity. One of its defects is that the surface usually has scratches, grooves and holes. It is usually used for the manufacture of bags, briefcases, shoe soles, belts, among others.


It is one of the types of leather most demanded by designers. The goatskin It stands out for its great softness, flexibility and resistance. In addition, being very fine, it makes it perfect to be able to work it and generate different products such as gloves, bags, wallets, luxury shoes, among others.


La calf skin It is very thin and has practically no texture. Furthermore, it is one of the types of leather that stands out for its softness and delicacy, almost like velvet. is also a very resistant leather despite its texture, thanks to the fact that the hair follicles are very close to each other. It is used to make bags, belts and purses.

a string of hanging leather bags


La pig skin It stands out for being very strong and resistant. Its durability is one of its main characteristics and makes the leather It is very suitable for making countless products such as belts, wallets and purses. It has a mottled texture due to the holes left by the hairs. 


La pony skin has a lower quality than the cow and makes it one of the cheaper skins among all that we are mentioning. Depending on which part of the animal has a more manageable texture to work with, the front part is lighter and the rear part is thicker and more compact. Its uses are similar to those of the cow.

sheep and ram

La sheep and ram skin is one of types of leather that are vegetable tanned, the result of this skin is known as sheepskin. It stands out for being very elastic, fine and soft, but it is not suitable for leather work. It is used to make aprons, linings and in restoration.

We hope that you already know a little more about the types of skins and their uses. On our website you can find unique pieces made of leather, as well as other Moroccan products.

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