Tea and Arab culture

Tea and Arab culture 

Whenever we talk about the, we have to refer to the Arabic culture since both are totally related. For the culture Arabic, the It forms an important part within it, being consumed in many countries, although mainly in Morocco and the Maghreb. Having turned Marruecos in one of the largest importers of tea in the world.

There is a well-known expression that says: “Bitter like life, strong like love, sweet like death” and that's right, this is the best definition of the fascinating mix of flavors that one experiences when tasting the famous Moorish tea.

Tea and Arab culture may seem that they have been together for thousands of years, but it is not like that, although the tea origin in Moroccan culture it is more recent.

El the It arrived in Morocco specifically in the XNUMXth century, by the hand of the British, who were looking for new markets to introduce it. The origin of this tea was from the cultures of the English colonies that they had in India. 

The surprise was that this British tea was very well received by the Arabic culture, which quickly adapted it to their traditions, including in it their typical mint infusions, thus giving them their own touch.

In Morocco, tea culture It stands out for the way and tradition when serving it, generally with food. Tea is considered a hospitality and courtesy drink that it is served whenever a guest comes home, it is like a sign of friendship, hospitality ... being a lack of education for them that the guests reject it.

This tradition has spread to parts of southern Spain, North Africa, and parts of the Sahel.

Tea and Arab culture.

How and when do you prepare the tea? 

The custom is that the tea is made by men, being the usual thing that this is the head of the family.

They tend to consume tea at all hours, no matter what time of day it is, although it is true that it is usually before and after meals

With regards to tea preparationIt depends a lot on the area and even, in Morocco, each Moroccan does it in their own way, so there is no standard way of preparing it, although the basis of how to do it if we know it and we are going to explain it to you.

In Morocco, as they usually prepare tea in this way, they use green tea of ​​the varieties Gunpowder y Chu mee, the They mix with their usual infusions such as spearmint, mint, lemon verbena or wormwood and add sugar. This is the base, but we are going to develop it a little more.

We put water to boil and in it we introduce the tea (one tablespoon per person and one more directly into the kettle), the mint or spearmint and the sugar, meanwhile, we pour a glass of boiling water into the kettle that we are going to use and wait a few thirty seconds to thus remove the cold and the taste of metal. After this, we put the tea in the kettle, but not just any kettle, it has to be a steel, metal kettle. The typical Arab teapots so cute that we have all seen at some time with reliefs, carvings ... which keep the heat for a long time and you can find in Decoración Alcazaba

Finally it is tested and it is verified that it has a good taste. It should have an intense sweet flavor accompanied by a scent of spearmint or mint (it is also usually added buds from the orange tree, as long as we are in the right season).

Green tea of ​​the Gunpowder varieties.

How do they serve tea? 

It is essential to have the famous Moroccan tea sets which consist of small very cute and colorful glass cups where the tea is served once it is prepared. If you want to take a look at Moroccan tea games, just enter our section of glasses of tea and accessories.

But… How do they serve tea? When serving it, it has to be very hot and is poured at a certain distance from the glass so that the tea is oxygenated and its flavor is enhanced, thus generating a certain foam.

According to tradition ArabicBoth the appearance and the taste of the tea change as it is served, and the typical thing is to make rounds of tea. The first is only with the tea leaves, so it is very bitter; in the second, a little sugar is added, improving its flavor somewhat, while in the latter, more sugar is added and also mint or spearmint, obtaining the true flavor of a Moorish tea.

With the previous explanation we can now understand the tradition of serving tea 3 times and it is that, according to them, the first glass is "Bitter as life"; the second, "Strong as love" and the last "Sweet as death".

With these tricks and curiosities you can serve a real Moorish tea at home.

Teapots with typical Arab glasses.

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