Morocco, a country rich in crafts

One of the things that impresses those who travel for the first time to Morocco is the richness of its lively souks. Spaces in which the varied pieces of the rich Moroccan crafts fight each other to capture the visitor's attention. The richness of Moroccan crafts is due in part to the fertile cultural tradition of this country and also to the good work of artisans. People who continue applying ancestral techniques thanks to which we can enjoy unique pieces full of flavor and authenticity. Today we invite you to take a tour of some of the most significant pieces of Moroccan crafts.

Leather goods and leather works

The word leather goods with which today we refer to objects and articles of embossed leather has its origin in the French term "maroquin" that refers us directly to Morocco. This symbiosis between the country and its crafts makes reference to the levels of excellence that Moroccan artisans have achieved in leather work. An excellence thanks to which Moroccan leather has achieved international fame. Backpacks, bags, wallets, belts, footwear ... Moroccan leather elements that can not be missing in any souk worth its salt and of course you will also find them in Alcazaba Decoration.

Moroccan pottery

Pottery is also one of the most entrenched crafts in Morocco. As in almost every city or area has its specificities in terms of types of decoration but in any case we will be talking about an artisan producer full of flavor and originality.

One of the most famous pottery crafts in Morocco is that made by the potters of Fez. The Arabic ceramic of Fez stands out for its rich and profuse decoration whose base is the geometric figures.  However, each area has its peculiarities, so from Alcazaba Decoration we invite you to discover the beauty and richness of Moroccan pottery.

Moroccan metal crafts

The work of different metals is also an area in which Moroccan artisans have reached high levels of excellence. In any souk and of course in our online store you will find pieces of copper, tin, brass, alpaca ...

Among the most outstanding pieces of handicraft we find, for example, hand-carved mirrors and frames, jewelers, boxes and a host of items. All this without forgetting two of the most outstanding pieces of crafts, such as Moroccan teapots and wrought iron lanterns in all its aspects.

The works in carved and embossed metal refer us directly to one of the most famous crafts of Morocco and the Maghreb, tea sets. For Moroccan tea lovers it is “mandatory” to have a tea set in which to make and serve this typical Moroccan drink. Depending on our budget we can find handicraft pieces of very different invoices, from teapots and trays of noble metals to more modest pieces such as we could find in any house in Morocco. Along with these pieces of crafts you can not miss the traditional glasses of tea. These are usually made of very fine glass and are richly decorated. The decoration depends, as in the previous case of our budget and may include techniques such as hand carving and painting and even metal applications.

We put here the end point aware that we leave in the inkwell a multitude of pieces of traditional crafts that are also very representative of the cultural tradition of Morocco. Carpets, works in taracea, wood carving ... Unique pieces that you can find in our store at the best price.


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