Moroccan mosaic tables, the best choice for your garden or terrace

Surely these summer days and good weather you are thinking of giving an Arab or Moroccan touch to your garden or terrace. And in our opinion, nothing better than a Moroccan mosaic table. There are several alternatives to decorate our garden and especially to make one of the most important choices for our garden or terrace: choose the table and chairs. 

For us, and with a lot of difference, the best option, in relation to quality, price and durability above all, is a Moroccan mosaic table. 

The quality of these tables, compared to any type of material, be it metal, plastic or wood, is much higher. Moroccan mosaic tables withstand very well the changes in temperatures to which the tables are exposed outside. Be it high temperatures or low temperatures, even below zero, these tables offer exceptional durability. With proper care, cleaning and maintenance (which is very simple), these tables should keep in good condition for at least 10 years. At Decoration Alcazaba, we have installed several tables for some clients almost 18 and 20 years ago, and they are still exceptionally preserved. Therefore, we always recommend this type of Arabic tables to decorate the garden or terrace, since it is a safe bet. 

Moroccan mosaic table

We will briefly explain the manufacturing process of these mosaic tables. Craft work in mosaic stones is a thorough work that our skilled craftsmen in Morocco do manually, stone by stone, forming a mosaic of stones on a layer of cement previously leveled on a structure of crossed iron rods, which gives it stability outstanding. The legs of the mosaic tables are usually manufactured manually in a hollow iron structure, for easy transport and placement. The weight loss of the board on the metal base itself will give the table stability. 

The mosaic tables can be accompanied by elegant wrought iron chairs, which will give the Moorish touch and turn your evenings into nights of mystery and beauty. 

In Decoration Alcazaba, we also manufacture tables with custom designs and to the client's taste in our factory in Morocco, with delivery between 4 and 6 weeks. You can take a look at our online store of Moroccan mosaic tables by clicking on this link: https://decoracionalcazaba.com/es/133-mesas-de-exterior-y-mosaico 

Happy summer!

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