Discover the amazing properties of Green Tea

When you prepare a tea, you know you're going to consume a beneficial drink for you. To make a real tea is not exactly to put a sachet in a glass of hot water but to mix it with a kettle, wait for your time and, finally, taste it (those who try one and the other know what we are talking about). And, tea for your health, can be very good.

Tea benefits

Consuming tea can often bring you great benefits, even more if you take it in the traditional way because that is why you will be able to appreciate its flavor and all those properties that we are going to talk about (hence, in Alcazaba decoration, we give importance to the Arab teapots, the glasses and the teas that you can acquire).

Among the benefits you have:

  • Aging is prevented because it is a powerful antioxidant.

  • It will help you eliminate cholesterol or at least reduce it.

  • Your defenses will be stronger with which you will avoid diseases.

  • You will fight anemia because they have a good supply of iron and, as they do not have calories, by consuming it hot will help you fight your desire to eat.

Apart from these benefits, Each tea can have its own. In general, the ones that are consumed the most are green tea, black tea and red tea, and each one has advantages. You'll see:

  • Green tea, which comes from black tea, has a higher level of antioxidants so it can eliminate even abnormal angles helping your heart. It also eliminates blood sugar and has antibiotic functions.

  • Black tea, which we talked about before, is ideal for preventing cardiovascular disease and for lowering triglycerides.

  • Red tea, very consumed as a diuretic and to relieve heavy digestions, will help you lose weight and, also, encourage you because it is recommended for those who suffer from depression or bad mood.


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