Alcazaba decoration, three decades bringing you the best of the East

Alcazaba Decoration: History

Decoración Alcazaba It is a company whose origin dates back to 1989. At that time, it began its journey in order to bring Arab treasures to the Western world. Thus, it begins its activity in a small place in La Cartuja (Granada).

Decoración Alcazaba It was a pioneer in many aspects, so it was the first local Pomegranate in starting to market several Handicrafts typical of Morocco and India, as well as Syria, Egypt and Turkey. Original bronze and copper items from India, such as vases, wooden tables inlaid with copper, boxes, souvenirs, lamps and candle holders, chandeliers, ashtrays ... Pieces that fit perfectly with the prevailing trends at the time.

Alcazaba origins decoration

Another of the most valued pieces then and also now is the taracea from Syria. Boxes, polveras, jewelers, tables, chess sets, furniture... All this created following the traditional techniques that have made the inlay an art recognized and appreciated worldwide. Maybe these elements were so well received Pomegranate it is heir to this long tradition. The work of the great artisans of the arabic taracea laid the foundations for the manufacture and creation of the recognized Taracea Grenadine, which gathers the essence of this work in its geometries and in the quality materials used in it. The work of the craftsmen of the taracea It is a work of excellence that moves from parents to children.

Soon the activity of Decoración Alcazaba It spread throughout the rest of the peninsula and we began to be the benchmark in the import and wholesale of these items. Our company settles down in 1992, when we moved to the first warehouse in the Juncaril Industrial Estate (Granada). From this moment on, our activity grew in volume and in our client portfolio, the demand for professionals from all parts of Spain grew to supply their stores and shops of Arab crafts and decoration: Madrid, Salamanca, Seville, Córdoba, Asturias, Valencia , Badajoz, Malaga, Almeria, Granada ...

In 2001 we expanded our warehouses, and since 2010, with the online sales platform, we have expanded our activity to the European and international market, offering our items to the rest of the world.

Alcazaba decoration today

From our foray into the digital world, social networks and website, we have expanded our vision and have more self-awareness of the importance of continuously improving to communicate more effectively with our customers, suppliers and distributors, and to offer them a quality service and perform the Delivery of our products in an efficient and fast way. The demand of our customers is increasing due to the globalization of the economy and the staging of the operation of large companies in the digital world. To remain competitive, we are in need of adopting new technologies for the delivery of products, in packaging, advertising and communication with our customers, which we continue to adapt to new times that change rapidly and bring us constant challenges.

Guarantees to buy in Alcazaba Decoration

We guarantee the return of orders within 14 days and we have a customer service that gives the confidence and experience of these 30 years of travel, and that knows well the needs of our market. We ship to our customers in national territory in 24 hours, and normally for the rest of Europe, in about 3-4 business days.

Our main objective now is to digitize approximately 90% of our business within 1-2 years, transferring most of our activity to our website, making it our main traffic receiver and customers, generating trust in our new and Always customers in our digital platform, maintaining the quality of our work in our stores and offering products through our website and social networks in an efficient, fast and reliable way.

Comply our objetive It will guarantee us to have more time and resources to innovate in new products and processes in the value chain of our company.

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