Curiosities about Moroccan tea

Morocco is a fascinating place, it stands out for its exoticism, its culture, the characteristics of its cities and for its moroccan tea. This drink is their most practiced custom and is a unique experience, being the Moroccan teapots one of the objects most valued by passionate about tea.

Tea is the drink par excellence of the Moroccan population, has been rooted in its history for centuries. Specifically in the mid-nineteenth century, it was imported by English merchants and remained among Moroccan kitchens, as it helped to soften mint and absinthe infusions.

Tea is always drunk

El moroccan tea or also known as Moorish tea, is always consumed, regardless of the time in which it is. In addition, its way of serving is hot even in areas such as the desert or warmer. 

Moroccans have as saying that being hot, it better quenches thirst. This actually has a scientific basis, if we drink a very cold drink our body tries to regulate the temperature, on the other hand if we consume a hot drink it does not have to make that effort and helps improve our hydration.

In Morocco it is very common to serve your tea in a narrow glass glass and fill it until you are missing a finger, so you can take it by that edge so as not to burn ourselves. 

a tray with several glasses of Moroccan tea and teapot

El moroccan tea According to a saying, it should be taken three times a day: the first glass is "bitter like life", the second glass of tea "strong like love" and the last one "sweet like death".

These flavor changes are achieved in the tea making process, that a different amount of sugar is added to them. Although the tea has a strong flavorThanks to the high sugar content, it becomes a very sweet flavor, although in the south they tend to take it more bitter.

Tea is part of their hospitality

When you go to a restaurant in Morocco or are invited to a house, their way of thanking you for visiting their home is serve a cup of Moroccan tea and some Moorish pastries.

El Moroccan tea is a symbol of hospitality and immediately when they offer it to you, they invite you to sit down and taste it with them. It is also considered rude to refuse a cup of their fantastic tea.

It is very curious to observe the Moorish tea preparation process, since when they are going to serve it, a part of the glass of tea at a certain height and returns it to the kettle, until it is filled, it is done in three steps. This is done because with the air inlet to the kettle it is achieved that the oxygenate tea and mix all the ingredients well.

a woman serving Moorish tea in a glass with some pastries

Infinite varieties of tea

El most common Moroccan tea that is used is the chinese green tea, but there is a infinity of varieties of tea, which can be found in Alcazaba decoration, depending on the area you are in and for each of your personal tastes. 

What changes is the tea ratio what is thrown at the moroccan teapot, in addition to the aromas that can be added such as peppermint, sugar, lemon, etc. In the northern part of Morocco the tea is usually sweeter, on the other hand, in the south it is more bitter.

Moroccans sometimes add some lemon verbena leaves to Moorish tea, this nuances its intense flavor and also provides a relaxing effect. It is also common to add orange blossom water and pine nuts, I feel the latter one tea version usual in Tunisia.

We hope you have been able to learn from these curiosities about Moroccan tea and you are encouraged to try this drink with such an intense and unique flavor, but above all to enjoy it.

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