Leather care tips

Leather care tips

It is said that leather The same thing happens to wine, which improves over the years, but this is only true if we take good care of it.

The word leather Comes from latin curium, which means animal skin, tanned. This, because the skin is treated by tanning, which is the technique by which the animal's skin is transformed into a rot-proof material, called leather. This production process begins by separating the skin layer from the animal's body, eliminating the wool or hair (unless you want to keep), and with it, they are able to make Bags, clothing, footwear, purses....

El leather It comes from a layer of fabric that covers the animals, having characteristics that make it unique, such as its great durability, resistance and flexibility which make it perfect for subsequent handling. All these properties have made this material the favorite of man throughout history. The Iberian Peninsula, for example, has been closely linked with the skin since its inception, highlighting the definition given by Strabo ( Greek geographer and historian) of her: "Hispania is similar to a skin spread throughout the West to the East." 

As we have seen, leather has been used forever, reaching even today and being considered a valuable material, therefore, you have to know how to take care of it, giving it a special treatment, protecting it and hydrating it. If you continue reading, you will see the leather care tips that we give you, they will serve you!

Animal leather.

7 useful tips for leather care 

All skin needs your care and leather It will not be less, so if we want the years to pass and keep our  Baggagejackets footwear, bags, wallets ... in perfect condition, showing off its beautiful and elegant aspect, we have to take care of them. This way we will prevent them from spoiling, appearing stains, or losing their smell, or even cracking. To prevent all this, we give you 7 useful tips for leather care:

  1. Keep it away from plastic: yes, although at first it may have been shocking to read this, you should know that plastic can cause mold on the leather since it does not let him breathe. Although it is very common to store our most valuable garments in plastic bags in the closet, in the case of those that are made of leather it is not a good idea, store them in a ventilated, dry and dark place as both sunlight and humidity can deteriorate them.
  2. Try to bring your leather wallet or purse with the least possible weight: we recommend this because the leather it yields with weight and humidity. And if for any reason your leather bag gets wet, you will appreciate not carrying too much weight in it, since being a flexible material it can deform with the weight.
  3. Avoid sun exposure: sunlight damages our leather garments, discoloring and dehydrating them, thus avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, especially chairs or leather sofas.
  4. Use for clean the leather a damp cloth, do not use soaps or cleaning products. Do not wait until they are very dirty to clean them since it will be more difficult to remove the grime later, and they can dry out or fade.
  5. Hydrate them, there are numerous conditioners for the leather that help to hydrate it and prevent it from cracking. A little trick that we give you is to put a little lotion-free hand cream to keep your smooth leather garments or accessories in good condition.
  6. Brush them whenever you leather be it suede or nubuck, but yes, with a special brush and circular movements, in addition to using a cleaning product.
  7. In the case of clothing, use a padded hanger, thus preventing the leather adapt their shape and that of the shoes, fill them with paper so that they do not lose their shape.
Leather shoes.

Leather care products

Addition leather care tips that we have given you, we recommend that you also buy products indicated for cleaning with which you will make your leather items look like the first day.

First of all, we have to take into account that depending on the type of leather that we have, some products or others will be used. So if it is nubuck leather We must avoid water when cleaning it, since it darkens the area where it falls and has no solution. It could only be used to clean it, a spray cleaner for dry leather With the help of a brush, this product could also be used to carnaza and suede leathers. 

If it's leather, it's made of bait, we advise to constantly use cream for leather since this type of leather is less resistant than nubuck and more absorbs stains and sunlight, fading.

In the case in which you need to intensify the color of your garments or leather accessorieseither of nubuck, suede or leather We recommend using color intensifying products (special for lint skin), that return the color they had before.

El smooth leather It also needs its care and it is that over time it needs certain hydration and nutrition care through some type of liquid to protect and clean the leather. You can also use skin care products that have a protective and waterproofing treatment, thus ensuring that stains do not penetrate.


Suitable products for cleaning leather.

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