Five curiosities that maybe you didn't know about Moroccan tea


Tea in Morocco is much more a simple infusion, it is a drink that has become a kind of national emblem. Moroccan tea is consumed both in the most humble houses and in the most sumptuous palaces and outside the borders of Morocco. It is not uncommon to find tea shops in which to enjoy this drink prepared and served in the traditional Maghreb style. Today we want to share with you some curiosities about Moroccan tea that you may not know.

Moroccan teapots

Moroccan tea is not originally from Morocco

Although today the consumption of tea is widely spread among the Moroccan population, the truth is that its implantation in Morocco is quite recent. The love story between Morocco and tea began in the middle of the XNUMXth century when English merchants met with a surplus of production that they had to place in the market. In this context, the sale of tea began in Morocco and from what you see the marketing campaign was one of the most effective in history.

So many varieties of Moroccan tea as people

With tea in Morocco, as with Gazpacho in Andalusia, each person has their own recipe. The base is obviously tea, in this case the green variety gunpowder. From there there are endless possibilities depending on the area and personal tastes. The most common is to add peppermint but there are also those who add lemon verbena, orange blossom, pine nuts.  As a general rule, the inhabitants of northern Morocco prefer the sweetest tea while in the south they usually add less sugar.

The sugar, directly in the teapot

Another curiosity of Moroccan tea is that sugar is usually served directly in the kettle and according to the taste of the host. Tea is always taken three rounds from there arises this proverb;  “The first glass is bitter like love. The second is intense as life. The third sweet as death ”. This is because as we consume tea, the sugar precipitates over the bottom and the concentration is higher.

Tea, a sign of hospitality

In Moroccan culture and in general throughout the Maghreb,  Sharing a glass of tea is a sign of hospitality. If we travel to Morocco it is not surprising that they entertain us with a tea when they arrive at a house, at the hotel or even in a shop.

The tea ritual

Tea in Morocco is accompanied by a rich ritual. In one house the person in charge of preparing the tea will be the host or, failing that, his wife. If they were neither, it will be the oldest person. In a traditional teapot of iron, alpaca, silver or similar, you will place all the ingredients. Then it will be transferred several times, using the host's glass, serving tea and returning it to the kettle  in order to guarantee a homogeneous mixture.

Then, using the traditional tea glasses, which are often profusely embellished, a small amount is served. Tea is never filled to the top so that the glass can be held from the edge without burning.

And now, do you feel like sharing a glass of tea? How do you prepare it at home? Use the comments to share your recipe with us !!


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