Arabic wooden lattices: Moroccan inspiration in every detail

The Arab wooden lattices, current in Moroccan and Arab interior decorations, provide that geometric and balanced style of Al-Andalus. We have incorporated this type of Arabic latticework thanks to laser cutting technology, which allows us to make a wide variety of handcrafted and Arabic-style products. In products made with latticework, we can find the geometry, designs and typical architecture of the Alhambra in Granada.

We have incorporated modern and attractive floral designs, baroque designs, Arabic designs and the classics of Morocco, Islamic style lattices, which can perfectly combine with any type of decorative style of your home or business, and a long etcetera.

We put at your disposal a variety of products made with this new technology, such as: lattice coasters, Arabic headboards, incense holders, candle holders, Arabic lamps, lattice doors, magnets, windows, etc ...

Something that makes us quite happy is that we can make the wooden lattices to measure and taste of the client, although we already offer finished products, but we also offer you the possibility of manufacturing it to your needs. If you are an architect, decorator or interior designer and you are immersed in an Arabic decoration project, you have at your service our professional customer service, who can gladly advise you and send you tailored estimates for the decoration project you have in hand. . Contact us without obligation! 


Decorative ideas with Arabic wooden lattices

The decoration with Arab lattices is very wide and offers us a wide range of possibilities. In addition to decorative elements for walls or furniture, we have accessories such as plate holders, coasters, fruit bowls, centerpieces, lattice lamps and many more items that can combine and create a modern and contemporary Arabic style, leaving far from the ornate styles that each They have less room in modern or vintage decoration.

In bathrooms, we can create a wooden lattice around our mirror, completely transforming its appearance.

An Arabic lattice headboard is a simple idea and at the same time brings a unique touch to our bedroom, such as the Warda model, which we can manufacture for any size of bed and can be painted in the desired color:

wooden arabian headboard 160cm model Warda

For our living rooms or corridors, Alhambra-style lattices are ideal to create a decorative impact full of beauty and harmony, as well as simple and modern, they can be combined in many different ways:

arabic wooden lattice headboard Alhambra star model

For our walls any model of lattice can be used, our recommendation is to buy wooden lattices that are made of DM wood of at least 1cm, especially if the piece is large, so that it is consistent and visibly this gives more value to lattice. The Bab Alhambra design wooden lattice combines floral designs with Andalusian geometry that we can find in La Alhambra, we show you an example of it:

Bab Alhambra wooden arabic lattice window


In what materials and finishes are Arab lattices made?

Normally there are several types of wood, it can be DM, okumen laminated panel ... Regarding the finishes, the Arabic lattices can be lacquered or painted, varnished ...

Some of the colors that we offer in our lattices are: white, unvarnished natural, walnut, wenge, cherry ...

How long does it take to ship my Arabian wooden louver orders?

Most of the Arab lattice products are manufactured on the same business day as the order and are shipped the next business day with the GLS or MRW transport agency, so satisfaction is assured from what we have been checking in recent weeks. We also have a number of products already manufactured and in stock for shipping in 24 hours to the peninsula. We deliver to countries of the European Union in approximately 3-5 days.

You can buy Arabic lattices online at the best price on the market, only in Alcazaba Decoration!



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