Ideas to create different environments with Arabic decoration

Create different environments in a house is a way of building a very personal and different space, for example with arabic decor, and thus structure the room so that different areas can be seen without having to build walls in between.

If you are looking for the speed and effectiveness to attract the attention of your guests at home and you want to create a dividing line in a room, you cannot miss our ideas to separate environments with Arabic decoration.

What are the new trends in interior design?

La most current trend for interior decoration is to bet on large spaces that are well communicated. But if we want some independence, we must always choose to isolate the spaces with decoration that stands out and very well defined styles, such as arabic furniture and lighting o contemporary decor.

Each filtering bag room dividers they are a very cheap and quick way to get a fresher look inside a home.

How to create different environments with Arabic decoration?

Use decorative elements to separate environments It is a very cheap and useful option to achieve differentiated spaces in large rooms and small apartments.

On the other hand, it helps to give spaces more than one function, that is, they allow you to have some privacy in a study in the bedroom part and at the same time allow it to be opened when you need it. They also work to give a more prominent appearance to some part of the house.

a wall with an arabic lattice

In Alcazaba Decoration, we are specialists in the manufacture of Arabic style furniture, Moroccan decorative elements, etc. for any corner of a home.

There are countless ways to create environments such as the use of two floors, creating a glass wall, using large bookcases to separate the same room, placing plants vertically, a sofa as a border, etc. We want to present you what are the more practical furniture to separate environments with Arabic decoration in a house:

Room Dividers

Each filtering bag arabic style occasional furniture are an excellent option, especially the wooden screens. They help to divide a room and get a little more privacy while allowing air and light to pass through the room. Moroccan style screen decoration.

It is the most useful and comfortable way, since they can be easily removed. Being a very practical option to place them in a specific way or move them according to your needs.

Each filtering bag screens they can be found with different finishes, colors, bases, designs ... to get light and a fresher atmosphere to the room.

an arabic screen in a room


HR wooden arabic lattices they are one of the separated from most used environments, since they work for terraces, gardens, as windows, headboards, etc.

Each filtering bag lattice panels They can be found in different finishes, usually made of wood, but there are PVC lattices indicated for terraces and gardens.

HR lattices They are placed very easily because they come with legs to fit them in the room that is needed. But, there are some that are embedded in a hole in the wall, in this way, it is possible to have a certain privacy while allowing air and light to pass into the room. Or they can also be hung on the wall leaving a gap between the floor and the moroccan lattice.

So much for arabic lattices and screens They can be found with geometric motifs based on Arab mandalas, mosques of the Arab world, palaces, etc. These Moroccan decorative elements they can be customized and chosen up to the thickness of the wood. 

In Alcazaba Decoration, you can buy a wide variety of wooden screens and lattices with different carvings to separate environments in your home. If you have any questions, about how design a room with Moroccan decoration, you can consult us without obligation. 

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