Painted Turkish tea glasses
Painted Turkish tea glasses
Painted Turkish tea glasses

Set of 12 painted Turkish tea glasses - Arabic

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Box contents: 12 glasses

Most people think that the tea tradition in Morocco has always existed. In fact, tea is a popular drink and is drunk several times a day. However, history tells us otherwise with respect to its origin.
Tea has appeared in China 5.000 years ago. Then it was a drink reserved for the king and his court. Several centuries later, an Arab merchant talks about tea for the first time and described it as "an herb that has more clover leaves and more flavor"
Then, during the reign of Sultan Mulay Ismail, tea enters Morocco, but it is still a drink reserved for the court.
It will take a few years for it to become a popular drink and an essential element in the Maghreb culture.
Morocco has always produced one of the best artisans in the world. And since all these years, their artisans have worked silver, gold, alpaca, wood and others ... Developing increasingly original sculptures and drawings.
These Moroccan-style tea glasses are the perfect size to drink a hot and rich tea. Thanks to its fine glass, preserve all the flavor of tea.
Carved and hand drawn in Arabic style, they will decorate the tea trays with elegance.