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  • Discover our Moroccan doors made to your liking!

    Thinking of giving an imposing Arabic touch to your house or villa? We can create for you any Moroccan or Arabic door. Come in and tell us what idea you have in your mind and we take care of materializing it on wood. In Alcazaba Decoration we make your dreams come true!
  • Alcazaba decoration, three decades bringing you the best of the East

    Discover the origins of Alcazaba Decoration and its journey through these 30 years of history. Come in and celebrate with us!
  • A visit to the Moroccan souk without leaving home - Alcazaba Decoration

    What is Alcazaba Decoration? Artesania and Decoration Alcazaba is a company founded in 1989. With almost 30 years of history, Alcazaba Decoration has become a benchmark in the field of Arab crafts and today can boast a leading role in its sector .
  • Tips to decorate your home in arabesque style

    The Arabic decoration combined with the tendency to minimalism that exists today is not something that clashes but on the contrary, it can perfectly be used.
  • Discover the amazing properties of Green Tea

    When you prepare a tea, you know that you are going to consume a beneficial drink for you. To make a real tea is not exactly to put a sachet in a glass of hot water, but to mix it with a kettle, wait for your time and finally taste it.
  • Leather goods or leather work, a crafts for everyday life

    There is a craft that in many cases is part of our daily lives and that sometimes goes unnoticed, we talk about leather goods.
  • Five curiosities that maybe you didn't know about Moroccan tea

    Tea in Morocco is much more a simple infusion, it is a drink that has become a kind of national emblem. Moroccan tea is consumed both in the humblest houses and in the most sumptuous palaces.
  • Morocco, a country rich in crafts

    Discover the mysteries of Moroccan crafts and the key to its cultural and artistic wealth.
  • How do Himalayan Salt lamps work?

    We are sure that you have seen them many times, but what you may not know are the benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp in your home. Whether in the living room, in the study room or in the bedroom, salt lamps can bring many advantages to your life and today we are going to shed some of them.
  • Moroccan mosaic tables, the best choice for your garden or terrace

    In this post we will explain why Moroccan mosaic tables are the best choice to decorate your garden or terrace.